About the Writer

Adventurous, affectionate, analytical, artistic, athlete, attentive, aunt, awesome (duh), balanced, beautiful, bestie, brave, bridesmaid, cautious, clean, clumsy, confident, considerate, cousin, crafty, curious, daughter, deep, devoted, documentary lover, drunk (on the weekends), easy-going, fabulous, friendly, funny, generous, glutinous (when I’m drunk), god-sister, guarded (with my heart), imaginative, impatient, independent, intelligent, kind, lazy (sometimes), long-winded, lovable, makeup artist, modest, musical, naive, natural, naughty (when it counts), niece, old -fashioned, outgoing, outspoken, passionate, polite, realistic, reliable, respectful, responsible, restless, sassy, sensitive, sentimental, sincere, sister, sleepy, smart, sober (during the week), sophisticated, soulful. strong, swimmer, talented, thoughtful, versatile, warmhearted, worrisome, writer, and vulnerable.