10 Realizations When You’re In Your 30’s and Dating…Again.

  1. Well, there’s the obvious…you’re thirty…and single…and dating…again.  Time to party!
  2. You’re way more AWESOME than you were when you were twenty and single.
  3. You’re taste in men has evolved and your standards are higher.  Example, the guys you now date have jobs, can hold onto them, and have ambition (imagine that).
  4. You have REAL deal breakers.  For example, if he doesn’t celebrate Christmas, say goodbye because if you’re like me, your Christmas tree is still up.  Yes, I’m aware that it’s August.
  5. All of your senses have heightened.  The proof? You suddenly can smell bull shit from a mile away.
  6. You run at yellow flags.  You don’t even wait for the red ones anymore.
  7. Looking to meet someone who makes you laugh and actually wants the same things you do in life, is more important than chiseled abs and a man bun. (Although, I do love a good man bun.)
  8. You cannot get a cat, no matter how bad you want one, because then you will be “the cat lady”.
  9. Your confidence level is the size of Mount Everest.  Everything you’ve been through to get you to this point is basically like climbing that damn mountain.  Right now, you’re doing a celebration dance at the summit with a bottle of champagne!
  10. The most important realization is that you finally know that you deserve the best!  Relationships in the past are never failures, but instead, stepping stones to get you closer to the man who will make you laugh, tell you you’re beautiful on the daily, and love you without conditions.

As always, happy dating!😉


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